Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with our work. If you have any particular skills that you think could benefit our work then do get in touch.

Attend the Hub

The Helmsdale Well-being Hub runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and offers a range of activities which support people to socialise. Upon arrival, there is an opportunity for a cup of tea and a chat. Activities at the Hub include baking, musical performances, quizzes, chair-based exercises and much more.

Find out more about the Helmsdale Hub here.

Get support through Bridge Over Troubled Waters programme

Our project Bridge Over Troubled Waters provides short-term assistance for those within our community to avoid them reaching crisis point. Through this work, we aim to bridge the gap between a problem and its solution. If you feel that you would benefit from the service please visit our Bridge Over Troubled Waters page or contact us.

Arrange an awareness-raising session

We run short, but important, tailored dementia awareness sessions, which provide participants with a general understanding of dementia, guidance on how to recognise a person with dementia and advice on how to communicate effectively.

If you work for a business or are involved in a local group that you feel would benefit from a greater awareness of dementia, then get in touch. We can deliver our short awareness session on your premises and help you and your business or group to become dementia friendly.

Sell your work through Creative Communities

Our Creative Communities online shop, currently in development, will sell products made in the Highlands by local artists, people with dementia and groups, including those who attend the Helmsdale Well-being Hub. Proceeds from the sale of work will be divided between the artist and DFC, helping the seller to recognise the value of their work and supporting us in continuing our efforts to make the Highlands dementia friendly. For more information on how to sell your work through Creative Communities please contact us.